AIDS : Has the U.S. Government Sponsored Global Genocide ?

The beginning of the 1980s shocked the world with sudden reported incidents of the previously unheard-of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It seemed to come out of the blue, and no one was sure how it spread or how to treat it. Over the years, much has been learned. Contraction methods have been narrowed down to exclude casual contact, and many theories as to the origin of the virus have been proffered. One of the more popular theories states that AIDS originated from Africans who had sex with rhesus macaque monkeys, and got spread to the US by an airline steward too free with his love. But this theory is loosely knit, and it is doubtful that people hadn’t engaged in sex with monkeys until the 1970s, when the disease first became known. Many believe that AIDS did not just “happen”, but was deliberately engineered and aimed at population reduction.

One of the most mysterious organizations in the world, The Bilderburg Group was organized in 1952 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and named after the hotel where they held their first meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in 1954. It is made up of the world’s most powerful financiers, statesmen, and intellectuals who meet secretly each year to discuss world affairs. The headquarters office is located in The Hague in Switzerland. William Cooper, a former US Naval Intelligence officer had access to several top secret Bilderburg documents during his service. His findings while in Naval Intelligence, along with the results of his subsequent research are published in his book Behold a Pale Horse. He claims that in 1957, the Bilderburg Group ordered a meeting of chosen scientific minds in Huntsville, Alabama to conduct a secret study of the impact of population growth upon the world’s societies, economy, and natural environment. They concluded that civilization as we know it would collapse in or near the year 2000 if the population was not severely decreased, preferably by two billion or more. In the years that followed, many discussions at Bilderburg Group meetings centered around this topic, and several tactics (too numerous to mention here) to increase the death rate were tested and/or implemented. However, it would be some time until a “final solution” would be agreed upon.

In 1969, the Department of Defense asked the House of Representatives for a great sum of money to be put into molecular biology research with the hopes of increasing our biological warfare capabilities. They were granted $10 million to conduct a research program through the national Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NAS-NRC) to develop a synthetic biological agent which would “be refractory to the immunological processes upon which we depend.” The minutes for the Department of Defense hearings before the House Committee on Appropriations on July 1, 1969 are available at the United States Senate Library. The development project, called MK-NAOMI was carried out by the Special Operations Division scientists at Fort Detrick, Maryland, with the supervision of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In 1975, Henry Kissinger established the State Department’s Office of Population Affairs, whose job was to examine and suggest solutions to the population problem. Two years later, this group drafted the Global 200 Report to President Carter, which is available in the Library of Congress. One of the group’s members, Dr. Aurelio Peccei recommended creating a microbe which would attack the auto-immune system, rendering all known vaccines useless. He suggested that an effective prophylactic and a cure be made for the use of the chosen few who were deemed too important to be allowed to die. The cure would be announced as a newly developed miracle drug and administered to the survivors when populations had reached a reasonable level.

The microbe of which Dr. Peccei spoke was already under development by the Department of Defense. According to William Cooper, it was decided that this new method of biological warfare be used at once, not in the interests of national defense, but in a war against the people of the world, even our own. Since large amounts of people were to be wiped out, they chose to concentrate on the “undesirables”, mainly blacks, Latinos and homosexuals. In 1977, under direction of the Bilderburg Group, the World Health Organization allegedly began injecting AIDS-laced smallpox vaccinations into over 1 million Africans, free of charge. Over 2000 white male homosexuals were infected the next year through free hepatitis B vaccines given by the Centers for Disease Control in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Over the years, AIDS has certainly taken its toll. The Center for Disease Control estimates that over one million Americans are infected. More than one hundred people die in the US each day because of AIDS and related symptoms, which equals one death every fifteen minutes.

A new and improved black Death has been unleashed upon the people of the world, while we pour inadequate resources into AIDS research, hoping blindly to stumble upon the cure. Treatments designed to ease pain or extend the lives of victims take years for the FDA to approve. The answers may lie in the Department of Defense records: the AIDS virus has not been used for “national defense” but for genocide.

The Freedom of Information Act allows us to demand the results of the NAS-NRD’s biological warfare research, and of Project MK-NAOMI. When and if the cure for AIDS is made publicly available, we can concentrate on population control by decreasing the birth rate instead of increasing the death rate - or perhaps someone else will take care of that problem for us. Maybe the elitist Bilderburg Group knows what’s best for us all.